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by | Mar 5, 2024 | Finding clients

Are you wanting to start a freelance business, but you’re worrying about where you can find freelance work? This blog post identifies things newbie freelancers can do to find their first clients.

I think it is a common misconception that finding clients will be really hard. I want to show you that it doesn’t have to be be hard. In fact, there is a very strong chance that you already know your very first freelance client.


How to find your first freelance clients


Make the most of your existing network


One thing that might surprise you about freelancing is that you will often already be connected to your first client or clients.

As a freelancer, we are usually choosing to work in an industry where we already have some past experience. Because of this, we often will have a network of people around us who know us, and who may have experience of working with us in the past. This puts you at a huge advantage when you launch your freelance business, because those people in your network are likely to be the kind of people who will hire you or refer you to others who need your help.

Why would people do this? Because they know you, they know how awesome they are, and they want to see you succeed!

My very first freelance job came from a former employer while I was on maternity leave. This person knew that I might have some time on my hands, and contacted me to see if I could help them with a small piece of work. Why? Because they knew me, knew I had availability, and knew that I had the skills to help them with the task at hand.

Putting it out there in your existing networks that you are starting a freelance business could help you land your very first job almost straight away! Sometimes it can be through a conversation with a friend. Other times it can be through making some calls to people you know in your industry. Alternatively, you could send an email to family and friends telling them what you’re doing and asking if they know of anyone who might need your help.

If you put yourself out there, you might be pleasantly surprised at the results!


Use social media to find freelance work


Most of us are on socials these days, and your social networks can also be a great way to spread the word about your business. Sometimes a post on your personal Facebook page could help you find a few jobs. At the very least, it will make your family and friends aware of what you are doing and then they know that they can refer you to others.

Linked In can be another great place to raise awareness of your new freelance business, and potentially help you to find your first clients. One of the great things about this is that the people on there are most likely people in your industry, and they probably know other people in your industry. Also, Linked In is a business network and a place where people go to recruit talent. Aka, people are often on there specifically to look for someone to help them with a job!

Social media is also a place where a lot of people who need business help hang out. Are you in any Facebook business groups? Have you noticed that people in them are often asking for help with their business? Facebook business groups can be a great place to network, raise awareness about your business. You can even find people who are directly asking for referrals for help. Just about every day I see people asking for different types of help – photography, video editing, VA services, website help, and accounting. These are all queries I’ve seen in Facebook groups in just the last couple of weeks. Check those groups out! It is not about spamming people with your links, or DMing everyone unless they want you to, but if you are in there supporting people and sharing your knowledge Facebook groups are a great place where you can find freelance work.


The internet as a place to find freelance work


You might think you have to set up a fancy website to start your freelancing career, but this is not at all the case. In fact, I don’t usually recommend that you do this at all. Why? Because it can take up a lot of time and money, and it often won’t bring you work straight away on its own. I’ve made loads of money from freelancing and I’ve never had a website for that work (just saying).

The internet is a fantastic place where you can find freelance work. There are lots of great freelancer websites where you can find jobs lists or list your services. Two of the popular ones are fiverr.com and upwork.com but there are loads of different ones all around the world. You could try some local ones and some international ones and see what feels right for you. Just keep in mind that there are usually some costs associated with these services (e.g. subscriptions and/or commissions). However, it can be a lot less than setting up your own site (something you can do later on if you want to) and can help get you in front of a lot of people. Do some research and see what sites feel right to you.


Grab my free eBook of places you can find freelance work


I’ve also put together an eBook setting out even more places where you can find freelance work (18 ways in fact). The eBook sets out in detail 18 different places you could go to find your first freelance client (some of them might surprise you). It also includes the website addresses for a number of popular freelance sites where you could go to look for freelance jobs.

If you’d like to grab a copy of the eBook (which also includes a handy checklist to help you brainstorm where you will go to look for your first client) just click here and I’ll email it to you right away!


Check out my YouTube video

I know some of you prefer to watch a video to take in all of the information, so if that is you then I have recorded a short video for you to explain some of the places you can go to find freelance jobs. Check it out here.


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