I’ve been chatting a lot recently with other mamas about the opportunities there are for starting your own business as a freelance mama. I see so many mums reaching out in various online communities that I am part of as they are desperately searching for a different way to work that will enable them to get out of their day job and to work from home around their family commitments, yet many of these mamas feel held back from starting to work from home as they believe that there are a lot of barriers to entry.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about what you’re going to need to get started as a freelance mama because from the conversations that I’ve had it seems like a lot of mums think that there are a loads different things you need to know, set up or to buy to start yourself up on a freelance business and that just isn’t the case.

When I started doing my freelancing work all that I had was a computer, a cell phone, a reliable internet connection and one customer, and in fact, these are still the only things that I really NEED to have. I suspect that for many of you in this community those same three things are the only things that you might need as well and, as luck would have it, I’m willing to bet many of you will already have access to those things. Wahoo!

So, if concerns about what you’ll need to do to get started is something that is getting you stuck this blog post should help you to overcome a few of the common barriers I hear from other wannabe work from home mamas.

I’ll need to set up a company. No thanks!

One of the first barriers to entry I hear about is the need to set up your own registered company. One mum I spoke to recently was really concerned that setting up a company and understanding all of the tax implications that went along with this would be really tricky stuff. The thought of having to do all of that had put her right off the idea, even though she really did want to work from home. When I chatted to her I explained that for myself it was unnecessary for me to create a company in order to get started with my freelance work.

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All I have had to do for my freelancing work is to invoice monthly using a simple Word template and then when tax time comes to submit a tax return to the Inland Revenue Department and pay tax on my earnings (I don’t even do this myself, my accountant sorts all of this paperwork for me because well, it’s tax and who really likes to have to deal with that, right!).

Of course it pays to talk to your accountant (also not a big scary thing) to ask if setting up a company is the right thing for you to do (think potential tax benefits/savings), but I want you to see that this really is not something that should hold you back from pursuing work from home options.

I’ll need a fancy invoicing system, right?

So what about invoicing you say? Do I need to buy myself a fancy invoicing system or subscription to be able to invoice my clients. No, not at all.

When I started freelancing the only system I had in place for my invoicing was an Excel spreadsheet to record my hours and a Word template that I use to create an invoice that I could use to send out to my customers (in fact, that is still all I use for my business).  These tools are really accessible to anyone and you shouldn’t think that you need to have anything fancy in place to get started. There are of course other fancy accounting tools or invoicing programmes that you can buy if you really want to, but again you just do not need them to get started.

But, I’ll definitely need a website and that will cost heaps!

Don’t let the thought that you’ll need a fancy website hold you back from starting your freelance business either. In many cases you might not need a website at all, and for most of you, you can probably get away without one in the initial stages.

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It might feel like you need to have a fancy website to attract customers, but often your first jobs will come through people you already know like family, friends, or former employers. In most cases you can let those people know what you are doing by talking to them or through word of mouth. You can also change your Facebook and LinkedIn status to show your new working arrangements and that will let even more people in your network know what you are up to!

If you do need to have a website to showcase your work and help you attract customers then you can get started with a free website through a platform such as Wix or WordPress.

Don’t let the little things hold you back

We have so many things that can seem to us as big barriers for getting started but as I said for most of us there are really only a few things you need to launch your freelance business (a laptop, an internet connection and a customer or two). As time goes on there may be additional tools or additional resources you may decide to add that may make your life easier something that should hold you back from seeking freelance freedom.

If you feel like these kinds of barriers are holding you back from getting started on a freelance career I would really encourage you to comment on this post on my Facebook page and I will come back to you with some advice on how to get around whatever it is that is holding you back!

Have an amazing day!

Kellie xx

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