The Freelance Mama Society

The Freelance Mama Society is a monthly membership where you can join a like-minded group of freelance mamas who are also on the journey of launching and growing their own freelance businesses. You’ll also have weekly live support calls where I will be available to answer your questions and monthly hot seat calls where we will get one of our freelance mamas in the hot seat and focus on helping her to work through any challenges she is having in her freelance business. 

Membership to The Freelance Mama Society includes access to my Freelance Mama Fast Track course, where you will learn all about freelancing and how to get your freelance business launched through a series of five simple step-by-step modules.

Module 1 is all about creating your freelance offer. It includes lessons on how to figure out what you’ll do in your freelance business, how to identify your ideal client, and how to validate your freelance business idea.

Module 2 is about the basics of starting your freelance business. In Module 2 we cover topics like setting up your business, working out your pricing, and managing your business finances.

Module 3 is where things get really exciting and you start to learn about where you will find your first clients. We’ll cover finding clients online, finding clients in your existing networks (in a totally non spammy way), and we’ll talk about some of the popular websites where you can find freelance work.

Module 4 is all about mindset and accountability. You might not be a fan of the fluffy stuff, but trust me, in business you need the right mindset, so this stuff is important. We’ll also talk about some other important stuff like transitioning out of the day job and why it’s important to have a backup plan.

Finally, in Module 5 we will talk about some ideas to help you to continue scaling your business over time.

Each of these modules includes 4-5 video lessons along with supporting worksheets and PowerPoint slides. I’ve also included audio downloads so you can listen to the modules on the run if you want to.

The next intake is starting soon. If you’d like to get on the waitlist just flick me a message and I’ll add you to my email list to ensure you get the memo with the doors open!

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