Today I have a guest post from Affiliate Mummy, Melissa A. Wiringi. A bit like myself, Melissa has been on a journey to find a way to work from home that fits in with her family life. For Melissa, affiliate marketing has provided the answer.

Melissa has written us this incredibly in depth post about her experiences with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start monetising your website, and can also help you to diversify by adding extra income streams. If making a little extra money on the side is something that interests you then I just know you will love this post! 


How Affiliate Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Freelance Business Income

So you’ve invested a little (or a lot) of time into your freelance business, and perhaps you’re at a stage where you are ready to grow some additional income streams. And there are a lot of options out there to do this…

But as a mama and a business owner, time is often a critical factor. When we are trading our precious time for money, there is often a limit as to what we can earn. This is where an affiliate income can potentially become a nice passive income stream that runs alongside your existing freelance business. In this blog, I’ll share how I found Affiliate Marketing, what it is, the kinds of products you can offer and how you can use affiliate marketing to grow your freelance business.

My backstory

I came into the world of online business as an unschooling mama, an author, a speaker and a survivor of DV with a dream of creating a blog with an affiliate income to support our family travel and also make an impact in the lives of others. At that time, I wasn’t sure what kinds of topics I wanted to talk about and so I jumped in, trying out travel blogging.

I discovered a few things in this first attempt, one was that, although I really love travelling with my family, I really didn’t enjoy writing blog posts around them. And the second thing I learned was although I had lots of offers, I was making tiny $0.70 commissions every other month. The lack of enjoyment and site success over a few months (ok, perhaps I didn’t give it enough time) made me think perhaps I was in the wrong business. I didn’t want to make peanuts, I wanted to share my passion, life and business experience and I saw others becoming wildly successful charging for their services, so I moved into business consulting and systems, then tried out mindset coaching, which I enjoyed, but then came up against burnout.

Through trying and failing in many different areas, I began to learn that my dream business wouldn’t involve me creating Facebook groups and adding everyone online hoping that someone would become a client. I found that I didn’t like the idea of working with a lot of one on one clients because of my young baby always waking up on calls, not getting any sleep and still having the challenge of finding more clients when the few I worked with would be finishing up. It seemed the most lucrative options required a chunk of my time and energy. But I preferred to give as much of that as possible to my family and my books!

I kept looking back at Affiliate Marketing because I knew that was how most successful travel bloggers made their income and I kept seeing others succeed in programs like ClickFunnels, so I KNEW others were making money with it. I knew they weren’t working tirelessly for 40-60 hours per week, and so I made a decision, ‘if they can do it, so can I’. And I set about learning all I could to make this a reality for me and my family.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing makes you the middle man. You are responsible for putting other people’s products in front of ideal customers, and when those customers buy using your links, you get paid a commission. It’s like if you’re a photographer with a photography blog, and you use a really nice camera, you could do a blog sales post about the camera, what you like about it, and have links to buy. If you have thousands of eyes on that post, and people buy, you will receive commissions for those purchases you generated.

The online world is filled with affiliate marketing. Any time you read a blog, often there are affiliate links, these are often how bloggers make their income. And the best thing is there are affiliate programs for almost all products and services that you use.

Commission from Affiliate Marketing
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What Kinds of Products Can You Offer?

This is one of the things I love about being an affiliate! There really is no limitation on what you can offer. I have offers with books, website hosting, business tools and educational programs on one of my sites. Another of my sites I offer all things digital and affiliate marketing related. Travel blogs often have sales pages around travel insurance, booking sites and clothing or travel gear. Mum blogs often have sales pages around toys, clothing or household items they like. It really is a very limitless kind of income!

This is what makes affiliate marketing fun, anyone can be an affiliate, for anything!! It’s about finding what lights you up and sharing products and services you love with your audience. If you’re a freelancer, perhaps you’ve done a course to get where you are. Often, you might find the course has an affiliate program. If you have a blog or social media where you talk about what you do, then you are already in a position that you can create an income stream from that program because you may already know that people are interested to learn how to do what you do!

Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You?

If you have an online business and have (or are growing) an audience, and if you use products that have an affiliate program, then absolutely, you can choose to make an income from affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have a very large audience or email list, or if you don’t know how to get traffic to your website, it can take a little while to see the results of affiliate marketing. However, once you do get it working well, it can become a very nice income stream where you don’t have to provide a product or service, so you are no longer trading your time for dollars. Your only limitations are the number of eyes you can get on your sales posts, emails and pages.

As a mama of three amazing kids, I can say I love affiliate marketing because of its ease. I’m sharing what I love online, and when people buy using my links, I can get paid for that. I love that I can offer things in the space of education or business tools that I like, and receive commissions. I love that there are so many different offers out there, that anyone can find something which aligns with their brand to make an income that doesn’t require a tonne of time. I also love that there are a lot of mamas in various niches who earn a good income from affiliate marketing!

Creating An Affiliate Marketing Income

If you’ve made it this far, then perhaps you are interested to learn how to start earning an Affiliate income stream. And the good news is, for many products and services you can start earning money in a matter of hours.

Let’s break this down, step by step
  1. Find out if a course, program, coach, product or service you use offers an affiliate program.
  2. If it does, apply to become an affiliate (some have strict requirements about traffic, others are very relaxed).
  3. Once you are approved as an affiliate, you can share on social media, email campaigns or blogs your stories about how you became a freelancer. You can talk about the product or service, the benefits or even compare it with others you’ve used. You use your unique link in these blogs and content so when people click through to buy you can get paid your commission!
  4. As a final step, you need to get people to look at your content, they may already visit your website frequently, you may be able to include banners or if you have a huge email list, you may be able to send the offers (or blogs) out directly to your list! If you’re just getting started, this is quite often the challenge.

Side note to this… If you don’t already have an existing blog or website, you can choose to set up a site about your passions and experience and offer products that align with your brand.

How to Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

The key to succeeding with affiliate marketing is understanding digital marketing. These skills can also be valuable in your freelance business. There are a range of skills involved to build a successful affiliate marketing business, including copywriting, funnels, traffic, follow-ups and business finance principles. When we gain these skills, we create the ability to sell for life, and this can unlock many, many streams of income, not limited to affiliate marketing! If you’re already successful in your business, you possibly already have some, or even all of these skills to succeed, and if you are struggling, it is likely these are the skills that can help you to succeed!

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Want to Learn More?

If the idea of affiliate marketing is exciting to you, and if you’d like to learn more about this method of generating more income for your freelance business, feel free to connect with me on my Facebook page, I’m always open to answer your questions!

I also offer a free Social Media Webclass hosted by my mentor, Julian Sherman, which explains affiliate marketing. He covers the following:

✓ Part 1: How to set up a fully functioning ad campaign in 24-hours without any prior knowledge or technical experience, so that you can earn your first dollar online.

✓ Part 2: A simple process anyone can follow to be able to generate passive sales online.

✓ Part 3: The 3 dirt cheap tools you need to earn your first dollar online

You can access this free at my Affiliate Mummy website



Melissa A. Wiringi is the founder of Affiliate Mummy, showing mums how to make online passive income with affiliate marketing. She is also an unschooling mum of three, the author of Domestic Violence on Ice and a speaker on topics including domestic violence and personal and spiritual development. Connect with Melissa on her Facebook Page, or learn more at her affiliate website,





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