One of the questions that I hear come up a lot when talking to other Mums about my business ventures (and adventures!) is that they would love to start their own business, but they just don’t know what they have to offer the world. I’ve been in this category for far too long myself, but I was reading over a blog post today of another Mum in business that I follow and looking over what she has done I thought, you know what, I have something to offer too. So here I am writing this blog post!

Often when we look at successful Mums in business we see transformational stories. They have an amazing why behind them. Something has happened in their life that has been a catalyst for change and they start to blog about it, and it grows and grows and they when we see them online they have 100K followers and we think, wow that’s awesome. But one thing I worried about a lot when I started my blog was that I didn’t have anything interesting to talk about. I regularly asked myself “Why would anyone want to listen to me?” Talking to other mums, it seems I am not alone in my thinking.

Here’s the thing though. Most of us do have something worth talking about. Our unique view of the world is of interest to other people out there who are just like us and want to know how to get from where they are to where we are now. If you’re a Mum, you might have stories to share about your journey to and through motherhood. If you’re a business woman you might have stories about how you started your business from nothing and are working your way to the top of you your industry. Or you might be just like me and be in the early stages of creating an online business to work around your family and your life. Wherever you are in life I’m pretty sure you will have something to offer.

I started a blog talking about some of the challenges I’ve faced as a mother. I’ve thought about creating a blog/vlog around my love of baking birthday cakes. I’ve considered starting a property renovation business around the skills I’ve learned renovating our own houses. I’m currently working on creating a course to help Mums like me get into their own businesses. All of these business ideas have come out of things that I just happen to have been doing in my own life at the time. Things that have relevance to what is going on in the lives of other people doing similar things. From all of these things that I have done, I have learned skills that have made my life easier each time. Cake making or house painting activities that I have done have become easier and quicker with experience, and as I learn and become better at these things I have learned that these skills could be shared with others to make their journey easier.

I wouldn’t mind betting that if you put your mind to it you could brainstorm quite a few ideas of things you are good at that make you qualified to teach others, and through this teaching you could create a nice little side hustle of your own!

So, if you are looking at starting your own business and don’t know where to start, I would start by thinking about the things that you do already. Get out a big piece of paper and some coloured pens and start creating a brainstorm of ideas. Even if these things don’t lead to your dream business, they are a place to start. Chances are that once you get started you will start to see your business develop right before your very eyes, and even if you don’t get it right the first time you might find that this business idea is what later leads you on to your dream business.

And, if you’d like someone to bounce your ideas off, feel free to leave me a message and I’ll do my best to send you a quick reply!

Kellie xx

P.S. If you’d like a little extra help with brainstorming your niche you should check out my Beginner’s Guide to Freelancing Mini Course. You can access by clicking the image below or visiting my YouTube channel!

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