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The Freelance Mama Online Biz Audit

Sometimes when you start your own online business it can all be a little overwhelming.  You put in your best efforts to build a website, grow a following and make some sales, but despite all of this you can still struggle to get the kind of traction you are looking for.  What you need is a Freelance Mama Online Biz Audit.

Your online presence is so important when you are working in the online space, but sometimes it can be really hard to see the areas that need improvement when we are working in the trenches of our own online world!  It can be totally overwhelming trying to understand what social media platforms you should be on and how to maximise the use of the time you have to work on them.

The Freelance Mama Online Biz Audit includes a comprehensive review of your online and social media presence, followed up by a detailed report setting out areas for improvement and some advice, tools and tricks to help get you headed in the right direction, as well as a recommendation of the types of social platforms that are best for your business.



Information fact find

We start your business review with an information fact find to enable me to get to know a bit about you and how you operate your business.

This will involve you completing a short survey, and may be followed up by further questions by email as necessary.

Online Presence Audit

I will audit your website and social media accounts and provide you with a comprehensive report setting out my findings and feedback.

Your report will include detailed advice on areas to improve, tools and resources to help make managing your social media accounts easier and more efficient, and recommendations on other steps you could take to help grow your online presence.

One on one support for 14 days

I know that it might take you a little while to digest my report and start implementing it, so this package includes 14 days of added one on one support via private message.

This will enable you to ask additional questions and receive responses by text or voice message.

Affordable pricing

I know how hard it can be working alone in the online world, so I wanted to make your online biz audit available for a super affordable price.

The total cost for this package is only $97.

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