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Freelance Mama one on one coaching

Are you a Mama who wants to start her own freelancing business, but want a little extra help?  The Freelance Mama one on one coaching programme is the solution for you.

My one on one coaching programme is a six week personalised programme, where you and I will meet for an hour once a week to discuss your personal situation and create a plan to move you forward in your freelancing career.

Over the six weeks we work together I will help you to identify your freelance niche, suggest some places where you might be able to find clients for your business, recommend some techniques you can use to market your business, and help you get the systems in place that you need to have freelance success. 

You’ll also be able to private message me to ask any questions that you have between our coaching calls.


Personalised weekly calls

Your personalised coaching programme will include a series of six one hour weekly zoom calls where you and I will meet face to face to discuss your personal situation.

During these calls we will work together to identify a niche for your freelancing business, discuss how you might find clients, talk about how best to market your business and create a plan moving forward to set you up for freelance success.

One on one support

I understand that sometimes you will have burning questions that you need answered to move forward with implementing your weekly coaching session.  

To help keep you on track, your coaching programme includes one on one support via private message during the 6 weeks of your programme. 

Just PM me your questions and I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly with a text or voice message response.

Access to the Freelance Mama Guide to Freelancing Course and Community

When you sign up for one on one coaching you will also get free access to the Freelance Mama Guide to Freelancing Course and membership to the Freelance Mama Coaching Facebook Community.

The Freelance Mama Facebook Community is a space where you can meet other Freelance Mamas and to ask any additional questions you have after your six weeks coaching has ended.

Affordable pricing with payment plan option

At only $297 the Freelance Mama one on one coaching programme may just be one of the cheapest in the market.

But, because I know how stretched the budget can be when you are starting out I am happy to offer you a weeky payment plan. Please email me for more information.

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