What I Do

I help busy Mamas, who are struggling to juggle work and mum life to create freelance businesses so they can work from home around their family commitments.

My Philosophy

As a Mama myself, I know how important it is for you to be able to spend as much quality time with your kids. I also know that raising kids is an expensive business (LOL) and that the reality is that most of us Mamas also need to be able to earn an income.

I also believe that there are work from home opportunities out there that can enable many of us Mamas to create work from home businesses that enable us to balance work and family life. For many of us there are freelance working options available that can enable us to start our very own businesses from home and with very little cost. 

It is my mission to help make other Mamas aware of the options available to them, and to help them find a way into their own businesses so, like me, they can create a solid work from home income that enables them to be there for their kids!

My Methods

As I want my trainings to be accessible to as many Mamas as possible, most of my coaching is delivered via my online coaching programmes.  I know from my personal experience how hard it can be getting started, and that often you have a pretty tight budget, so I make sure my online courses are not only super affordable, but that they provide you with a whole load of super useful content to get you headed in the right direction.  I also want to make sure you have the ability to ask questions, so when you join on of my training courses you will also have access to a supportive Facebook community where you will be able to ask any questions.

For those of you who want a higher level of support I also offer a one on one coaching programme.  This will involve a series of one on one calls where we will chat about your personal situation and work on creating a plan to help get you where you want to be.  You will also have the option to private message me for extra advice throughout the course of your one on one programme.  One on one coaching spots are extremely limited, so if you are interested please feel free to email me at kellie@thefreelancemama.com to discuss further.

My Goals

I know how hard it is to leave your kids in child care every day and wish you could be there. I know you wish you could go to those school shows and kindy trips on days you just have to work.  I know how hard it is to know they aren’t feeling well, and yet you know that you just have to head into the office for a meeting.  I know how guilty you feel when you leave work with your colleagues to go and pick those sick kids up from daycare even though you know it is what you have to do.  I have been there too.

There is so much guilt as a working Mama, and yet most of us go through these emotions almost every day.  I’ve felt this guilt and I knew there had to be a better model.  Now I’ve found one and I just have to share it.  These days, I still work but I make that work fit around my family commitments.  When the kids are sick I am home, and I make my work commitments fit around their needs.  I’m able to go to the school plays and the kindy trips.  Some days I still work long hours, but I make those hours work for our family in a way I just was not able to when I worked a traditional job, and I want to show you how to do this too.

It is my dream that no Mama feels the guilt that I’ve felt, and I am determined to help as many of you as possible find the freelance business that will create the freedom you’re looking for.

The Freelance Mama Online Course Coming Soon

In this course you will learn how to use the skills you have to create a freelance business that will enable you to create a work from home income.

Over 8 modules I will take you through what I've learned since starting my own freelance work from home business including, finding the right freelance business for you, how to market your freelance business, and how to create the right mindset for achieving freelance success.

Freelance Mama one on one coaching Coming Soon

For those Mamas who feel like they need a little extra support, I offer a limited number of one on one coaching spaces.

One on one coaching gives you the opportunity to work with me personally over a 6 week period. We will meet once a week via zoom to talk about your personal situation and to create an action plan for you to get started in your freelance career.

You'll also be able to private message me throughout the week for additional support.

The Freelance Mama Online Biz Audit

Are you a freelance Mama with an online business that is taking longer than expected to get traction?

Would you like someone independent to do a quick review of your business' online presence and offer suggestions of solutions that might help you get things heading in the right direction?

Contact me for a Freelance Mama Online Biz Audit.

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