Confidence is Queen: Why you should have confidence in your own abilities and how to grow it if you don’t

There is one little word holding so many ladies just like you and I back from achieving so many great things. That word is confidence. That one little word came up time and time again in questions I’ve asked around what is holding women back from getting started in...

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I think I’m an imposter, and you might too: Why Freelance Mamas suffer from imposter syndrome and how we can overcome it

Have you ever thought about starting your own business but then stopped because you felt like you didn’t quite have what it takes? Have you dipped your toe into the business world and then pulled it right back out again because you felt overwhelmed? Maybe you see what...

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Working from home with kids in tow: 3 Mama Friendly Business ideas to get you earning an income from home

This is a guest blog post I wrote for parenting coach and author, Ann Kaplan, all about ways that mums can work from home. In this blog post I've highlighted three popular ways mums can start earning from home, so if you're a mum wondering where to start on the work...

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Niche selection for Freelance Mamas: focus on your skills and reduce start up stress!

This is a blog post I wrote recently for the Affiliate Mummy blog all about niche selection. If you're just getting started with your own freelance business then this post is a must read. In here I talk you through the basic steps you need to take to identify and...

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