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The Freelance Mama Online Course Coming Soon

In this course you will learn how to use the skills you have to create a freelance business that will enable you to create a work from home income.

Over 8 modules I will take you through what I've learned since starting my own freelance work from home business including, finding the right freelance business for you, how to market your freelance business, and how to create the right mindset for achieving freelance success.

Freelance Mama one on one coaching Coming Soon

For those Mamas who feel like they need a little extra support, I offer a limited number of one on one coaching spaces.

One on one coaching gives you the opportunity to work with me personally over a 6 week period. We will meet once a week via zoom to talk about your personal situation and to create an action plan for you to get started in your freelance career.

You'll also be able to private message me throughout the week for additional support.

The Freelance Mama Online Biz Audit

Are you a freelance Mama with an online business that is taking longer than expected to get traction?

Would you like someone independent to do a quick review of your business' online presence and offer suggestions of solutions that might help you get things heading in the right direction?

Contact me for a Freelance Mama Online Biz Audit.

What People Are Saying

Super helpful and amazing advice. She took her time to look and analyse our business and send us such a great long advice of what to do and recommendation. Really appreciated. Thank you so much!!!


Online Store Owner

I have known Kellie for 30 years. She is one of the most compassionate, hard working and motivated people I know. She loves helping others and getting the best out of them, without being pushy or forcing her own agenda. I highly recommend her for coaching if you want to get the best out of yourself.


Blogger and Long Time Friend

“Kellie is passionate about helping other mums escape the 9-5 grind, having been there herself not so long ago. Kellie is very knowledgeable about running an online business, and her materials are very thorough and thoughtful”


Business owner


Top Tips for Working with Kids at Home: Guest Post by Ann Kaplan

If you’re a mompreneur working with littles at home, solidarity mama! I’m also living that dream (nightmare?) and it is not for the faint of heart. When I first started my birth and parent coaching practice 10 years ago, I had no idea that the hardest part of my job...

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What do you need to become a freelancer?

I’ve been chatting a lot recently with other mamas about the opportunities there are for starting your own business as a freelance mama. I see so many mums reaching out in various online communities that I am part of as they are desperately searching for a different...

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Book Review: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

As some of you will know, I’m a pretty big fan of goal setting. This year though, I’ve been struggling to pull myself together and set my annual goals. I’ve felt like the last few years I’ve put the effort into creating goals, but I’ve really struggled to get the kind...

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What is freelancing?

Today I wanted to write a blog post for you about what exactly I mean when I’m talking about freelancing. I have had a few queries from people recently asking what exactly is meant when I talk about freelancing. It seems to me like a lot of people have the idea that...

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I work from home, but I do work!

I’m a work from home mum, and I suspect that a number of you who follow me are also work from home mums or want to be, so this topic is one that will be close to your heart. I used to work a regular office job. I was in the office long hours, and my friends and family...

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